Church Pledge

Church Pledge

A Dignified Homegoing for Everyone

Burden to Bear, Inc.

When you don’t have the money for a proper funeral and burial, the loss of a loved one hits even harder.
At Burden to Bear we want to spare people of limited financial means this added stress by raising money.
Can you pitch in by pledging $100 to the cause?

The Shocking Cost of Funeral Services:

A funeral can cost $8,000 to $10,000. Even an inexpensive funeral can be over $4,000. Each year many people in the metro area die without leaving sufficient funds to cover the cost. Life insurance is a tremendous help, but many poor and working-class people don’t have it. When a loved one dies, the family scrambles to come up with the money for even a simple burial and memorial. A basic concrete grave marker alone can cost $1,000.

A Religious Duty to Care for the Poor and Bury the Dead:

Because churches are where many families go to grieve and lay their loved one to rest, we thought that church members might be ready to help less-fortunate members of the community lay their family members to rest. That’s why we want to invite you to contribute $100 now. Just click the Donate button.

In exchange for this pledge of needed financial support, we can offer you an attractive wrist band that shows your commitment to carrying for the less-fortunate members of your community. We can also recognize you on our Web site.

We tend to think most about caring for other people when they are in dire need, after disasters, when they are too ill to care for themselves, and so on. This ethic of care is taught in some form in most every place of worship. Isaiah 58 and the Book of Tobit both call on believers to carry out “corporal works of mercy” including:

  • - Feeding the hungry
  • - Giving water to the thirsty
  • - Clothing the naked
  • - Sheltering the homeless
  • - Visiting the sick
  • - Visiting the imprisoned
  • - Burying the dead

Understandably, caring for the sick, feeding the hungry and sheltering the homeless get a great deal of attention from churches. Burying the dead is something that can easily be overlooked, especially if your own family can afford funeral services. Of course, some of our neighbors are not so fortunate and the death of a loved one hits them even harder.

Burden to Bear exists to help offset the cost of a dignified burial in two ways. We provide education on the value of life insurance, how to buy it, and how much to buy. Your pledge of $100 will also help impoverished residents bury deceased family members.

Click the Donate button now. Our donation process is fast, easy, and secure. Plus, your donations are tax deductible.

Burden to Bear, Inc.