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Our mission at Burden to Bear is to help community members who were uninsured or underinsured bury their family members with love, care, and dignity. We understand the growing need for adults from all backgrounds and income ranges to secure life insurance for themselves and their families. Unfortunately, life “happens” and people face the reality of paying for necessities which can take precedence over a life insurance policy. Our organization aims to educate the community on the importance of life insurance, while also servicing those who need assistance of giving their family members a proper burial service.

We work with many companies that have a passion for helping families who have been financially affected by the sudden and or unexpected loss. Applicants qualify on a case by case basis. Losing a loved one is hard, and at Burden to Bear, we understand how difficult it can be when you are unable to say goodbye with pride. Our organization can help participants’ feel supported and get through a difficult time.

Why A Proper Burial Service Is Needed?

Why is a proper burial service needed? Since ancient times, burial preparation, burial rituals and services have allowed family members and friends to grieve and begin the process of rebuilding their lives without a dear friend or family member. Funerals today are very expensive and not everyone is able to afford them with.

However, It’s important to remember that honoring a loved one by gathering with friends and family to share fond memories, tears and hugs is one of the most important things about memorialization. Although, elaborate services, expensive caskets and a lot of memorial products won’t help to heal the heart like being with those you love during your time of grief, a proper burial is the first start to rebuild.


Insurance Awareness

Life insurance is an important option for families to consider. Some view it just as essential as car insurance. Life continues to push forward, however, sometime life happens. It is never easy when a loved one passes on and it can become an unbearable expense if not properly prepared for. It is especially important to safeguard your family if you’re the primary provider. Insurance provides a peace of mind that is immeasurable.

Because there are many options available in today’s market, insurance can be purchased for low prices. If you family depends on you for financial support, considering options to be able to sustain their standard of living when they no longer have access to the support you provide.

Many underserved and low-income families don’t see life insurance as a priority and other things take precedence over its payment. Life insurance could serve as an inheritance to the family left behind. All family members named as beneficiaries will be set up for a solid financial future. Burden to Bear understands that no amount of money can replace a family member, but it absolutely can help with the uncertainties in life.

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